Software application development

Our team of experts will lead you through every step of your custom software application development, starting with the research and analysis and following on to architecture. We don’t end the job when we ship the final version as Incode Group offers full post-support to keep you happy. Shift your software development onto us while you take care of business.
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What do we offer

  • Software application development services
  • Migration from legacy systems
  • Cost-effective MVD development
  • Creation of IoT solutions, including both firmware and hardware
  • Full-cycle enterprise architecture development
  • Code consultations and technical reviews
  • Integration and DevOps
  • Comprehensive analytics on data
  • Tips on how to best approach and retool your custom software product development

We provide

MVP development services

Having MVP development going is an easy way to reach your final desired product faster while also saving money. Our team plans out the MVP development services thoroughly and guides it to meet your goals and exceed your expectations. After you feel satisfied with the initial MVP prototype, Incode Group sets to work refining it. We’ll check in with you on the way, making sure that every iteration delivers what you want. In doing so, we make our product engineering services more agile, which is vital for the modern development philosophy.

product engineering services

We have the know-how for every step of software product development, from prototype to launch and that expertise is all yours

software quality assurance process

Incode Group is one of the top software consulting companies and we’re ready to do QA for you either on a solution that we’re developing or separately, for software made by your in-house team. Our experts test both manually and via an automated framework so we won’t let any glitches through.

maintenance and support

We don’t abandon our projects once they’re launched, our team will provide post-product support and help transition the project to your team. The support level can be as engaged as you’d like because we want you to feel confident in using our services.

turnkey product engineering services

Incode Group offers software product development that’s affordable, fast, and white-labeled. Our team is ready to tweak designs, architecture, and methodology to make sure the end result is unique to your identity as well as appealing to your customers. If you want high ROI, Incode Group is ready to bring it.

process automation services

Stop wasting time on manual task repetition, just turn to our custom software application development to get a system that automates workflow and is tailored to your particular processes.

team augmentation

Keep your staff stacked with our array of experts instead of hiring in-house! Our experts will speed up delivery, keep ROI high, and offer a set of skills that you might not have available without software team augmentation.

software consulting services

Incode Group leads the list of software consulting companies as we give advice on your technology and development. Our team is ready to consult you at any time and on all aspects of the process.

Need custom software & hi-tech development?

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billion total revenue is expected from the IoT market by 2020
of all industries have already adopted IoT
of all IoT projects are devoted to creating “Smart Cities”
billion IoT devices will be used by consumers by 2020
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Why hire incode group

  • You slash software product development costs by using us as a software consulting company instead of hiring in-house staff
  • Our experts have years of experience and get the product to market up to 45% faster
  • You lower risks thanks to our project managers providing support every step of the way
  • Invest less into the project on the back of thorough R&D
  • We set up and get to work quickly for a faster result
  • Our software product development team delivers on their promises with excellent delivery capacity

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