Digital media software development

Our expertise in digital media development will support any company in reaching a new age of publishing, broadcasting, and utilizing social networks for customer engagement. We can both innovate and simply build upon traditional methods, creating digital broadcasting solutions and optimizing your systems for managing content and media. Get your business up to modern standards with our broadcast, social media, and virtual reality development helping you usher in a new age of enhancements and customer interaction.
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What can we do

  • A thorough analysis of the trends in your niche of the market that can help your business
  • Modernize your UX/UI to scale with mobile platforms as well as desktop ones and guarantee a better experience for viewers
  • Create a mobile app for your business to interact with customers
  • Research your customers as well as parse and analyze big data and form a comprehensive report
  • Integrate preexisting online payment options into your service or create new ones just for you
  • Do extensive QA and tests on the product to ensure top-notch quality
  • Handle media development for cross-platform purposes

We provide

Incode Group creates media software for marketing agencies, digital media companies, game developers, publishing houses, media and software vendors. Our experts handle engineering and post-product support so you can concentrate on thinking up new innovations and corral a new audience.

software solutions for digital media

Media holdings have a lot on their plate and our solutions help manage daily hurdles, stay connected to your customer base, and expand your reach of platforms. We cover all bases as our software is built for desktop, mobile, and virtual reality development.

video broadcasting solutions

Streaming is one of the most innovative and lucrative sources of profit nowadays, conquering many platforms. We create custom software for that purpose that covers all capabilities of streaming, including popular social options such as YouTube, Facebook Live, Vimeo, and Twitch. Our solutions can record, create live chats, handle paid view-on-demand videos, subscriptions, and analytics of your viewership base.

gamification solutions

Giving your customers an incentive to return or spend a lot of time with your service is easy when done via gamification. We can integrate achievements, levels, and badges into your apps or sites, thus making your media even more interactive. These solutions are great for boosting employee morale and retaining customers. We offer a reasonable gamification development cost and provide high interactivity.

social media apps development

Keeping your userbase engaged can be tough but if there’s one avenue that makes it a bearable task, it’s social media. You can interact with your clients or drum up new ones by simply offering a convenient portal that entices repeat visits. Our team already has experience in creating networking portals, social media tools, and web apps for preexisting platforms. We cover analytics, connectivity, and interactive features in full.

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Incode Group key expertise in media and entertainment software solutions.

Key expertise

  • multiple platforms

    The process of digital consumption isn’t restricted to one platform as consumers use phones, desktop PCs, smart TVs, and laptops to view content. We have the know-how to make apps fit for any and all of these platforms to keep your target base diverse and engaged.

  • process management

    Keeping all processes in check is tough, particularly when managing media businesses. Our professionals will help you track all regulations that entertainment providers have to comply with and give ideas on more efficient managing of standard operational risks.

  • user experience

    The entertainment and media industry is ruthless and customers can be fickle since there will always be someone to pick them up if your service isn’t up to par. We test all of our apps and refine the UX and UI to their best, making sure to conduct extensive QA and eliminate all glitches and bugs. That way your customers will stay satisfied and loyal to your service.

of marketing will be done digitally in the next 3 years
of global traffic will be video by the time 2019 ends
of peak traffic is generated by video streaming services

What we offer to you

  • Software solutions for digital media and entertainment
  • Online platforms for storing and aggregating content
  • Software that handles and automates the aforementioned processes
  • Digital streaming and broadcasting solutions
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Advertising expertise

Traffic delivery system

Knowing and managing your traffic is one of the key ways of raising the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. Incode Group knows how to make a system for managing traffic, analyzing it, and keeping it going.

Deep traffic analysis

We offer to create solutions that monitor and analyze your traffic to trace which content gets the customers coming back. Such instruments are essential to running successful ad campaigns.

Frequency capping

These solutions will help advertising agencies determine when and where it would be best to place the ads. Moreover, our software also calculates the optimal cost of such processes and helps you find the right space for your campaign.

Social media tools

Running multiple campaigns at once is no easy task but it can be made easier with advertising tools. We can make a social media app that will handle automatic posts, track the stats on them, and monitor activity. Thanks to these, you will always know the results of a campaign and, using the gathered data, work out the most profitable way to approach your next ads.

Video advertising solutions

Though progress marches on, the classic video ad is still king in the market. Our solutions will help with the analytics of this format and keep it an efficient choice for you and your campaigns.

Digital video ad serving template

We can help implement the advanced VAST versions on your platforms, boosting revenue and making your video more effective.

Advanced RTB solutions

You can’t do effective marketing without RTB software and we make ours with all the necessary functions to ensure stellar results. Our devs handle the construction of these solutions and all you have to do is take advantage of the resulting creations.

Incode Group development process in wireframes. Prototyping workflow.

Why incode group

  • Spend less money on media development and get more business growth in return
  • Acquire a new revenue source via digital streams
  • Learn how to make money off of entertainment
  • Make your services and products interesting in the modern competitive age
  • Innovate continuously to keep up with customer demands and release extra features
  • Receive support from Incode group after your platforms are launched

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