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Education is the basis of life and though it might not be the leader in progress, it’s growing large on a global scale with each passing year. That is where the process of eLearning development comes in.

The educational software development will, sooner or later, bring about new possibilities for everyone, giving students personalized study plans, unusual tasks to solve, and easier access to knowledge that would have been gated off previously.
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How we plan to avoid the usual
limitations with eLearning software

  • Conducting eLearning software development to help with personalized lessons that aren’t available in mass-market solutions;
  • Destroying borders on knowledge accessibility by getting rid of the costs and physical limits, thus reaching a broader group of students, including people in far-off places as well as learners with disabilities;
  • Innovating in terms of administration, teaching techniques, and the tech available for custom education software.

What we offer

custom learn management system

If you want to keep your students engaged and learning, you need to take advantage of innovations, most of which are only possible if you turn to custom LMS software development. Our LMSs open new possibilities such as:

  • More creativity options to make your text and media content responsive and unique
  • Feedback, statistic, and auto-publication functionality
  • Data and grades calculated automatically
  • One-click enrollment for users as well as easy access to courses
  • The option to synergize your custom education software with third-party applications

custom e-learning platforms

The boom in online learning platforms development might seem like a logical choice in the modern tech world as schools, colleges, and businesses adopt the system. However, this popularity isn’t just due to progress marching on, online training has its unique benefits:

  • Free access to not only learning materials but even the experts that created them
  • The ability to coordinate your studying efforts with other learners
  • Connecting to your teachers or “attending” lectures via video and audio online conferences
  • Customizing your path to knowledge according to your personal goals and preferences

employee training software development

Though it might seem like eLearning development is the priority of schools and other learning institutions, it can be a very beneficial investment. Having the tools to speed up the employee training and, thus, get better results quicker can be a huge boon to your end-result. We offer online training software development for your employees to make your staff a bit more willing to learn. All you’ll have to do is entice them (and yourself!) with a few of these advantages:

  • Lower cost as custom training software doesn’t require paying teachers and renting a learning space
  • A chance to group the staff by team and department with personalized learning courses according to their skills
  • A leveling system to make the achievement of new knowledge feel more real and show the results clearly
  • Study materials and the platform itself localized into a variety of languages, an essential feature for large international corporations

eLearning platforms development

Nobody is going to get far in learning if they’re not enjoying the process but we were all students once and believe that any studies can be made interesting. All you need is concisely explained material, a dash of playfulness, and tests that aren’t a chore. We pride ourselves on creating custom education software for any student level and, if needed, integrating it into your regular school curriculum. Both mobile and desktop apps are available with the following percs:

  • Unrestricted access to theoretical materials, learning exercises, and electronic libraries.
  • Personalized tutoring and instant online help from fellow students as well as teachers.
  • The ability to set goals and progress markers, making it more apparent whenever you reach a milestone in your studies.
  • A collection of digital planners, schedules, and homework files, all of them printable if needed
  • An assortment of templates for school projects to make the tasks easier to start

custom education software development for teachers

There are also quite a few choices to make custom eLearning solutions and development viable for teachers. With these, you can automatize the paperwork, engage students, and plan your lessons for many days in advance. Here are just a few of the features you might like:

  • Compile theory and practice into one package online and edit it whenever you’d like thanks to an array of tools
  • Keep records of attendance and grades digital with no chance of tampering or lost info
  • Make short work of boring prep by using templates for syllabus creation
  • Watch your students work as a team and join in via chats, video conferences, shared whiteboards, class discussions
  • Take advantage of behavior rewarding programs to show students their hard work is appreciated

school management solutions for staff

Of course, custom education software can be useful not just to teachers and their students but, also, to the actual managers - the principals. It’s high time you invest in custom learning management software development to make your school administration run efficiently. After all, it allows you to:

  • Send out mass newsletters to make important announcements
  • Handle any budgetary issues
  • Take stock of the school inventory and transport
  • Set up and manage events in and out of school
  • Check up on attendance and grades without any chance of error
  • Compile timetables and set the curriculum without any paperwork
  • Stay connected to your employees and find out about any issues and news instantly

Get a lesson in innovative eLearning solutions.

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Why you should entrust your
learning to incode group

  • experience in eLearning platforms development

    Our specialists already have experience in making custom courses for various industries and fields, using tools to streamline the process without sacrificing even a bit of quality.

  • expertise in data analytics

    We’ve been integrating analytics in projects for years now and, considering how important such data can be to learning software for teachers and principals, it’s certainly a core feature.

  • technical know-how not limited to eLearning

    Having made a variety of technical and educational solutions, we can provide software that’s fine-tuned to niche needs and requirements. Our team is proficient in technologies both classic and cutting-edge to give you the best results.

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