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Incode Group crafts tailor-made mobile apps and mobility solutions for all popular platforms. Our experts offer mobile app backend and frontend services, giving you the full cycle of development. The team takes care of UI/UX design, QA, prototyping, programming, and full post-release support.

Plus, we will give consultations regarding your dev strategy to minimize cost, get rid of downtime, and improve the end-result.
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We provide

iOS app development services

As an iOS app development company, Incode Group believes in always using cutting-edge technology and making the most out of the platform’s innate capabilities. We test on all Apple devices and comply with the App Market restrictions completely.

android app development services

Our team is ready to offer their know-how in Android app development services and love to do so thanks to how creative and flexible the platform is. We do thorough QA to eliminate bugs, test for a variety of devices, and deliver excellent quality.

cross platform mobile app development

It’s often a chore to do cross-platform mobile app development to fit both iOS and Android, both in terms of cost and time and resources spent. Incode Group is willing to take on the task and deliver hybrid solutions with cross-platform app development.

UI & UX mobile development services

The key to cross-platform app development is adapting your solutions to attract users. Design plays a pivotal role in mobile solutions and our experts will handle it all, from concept to the polished result. And, of course, our designers work alongside the devs to make sure that your product isn’t just good-looking but functional as well.

system architecture

Incode Group’s experts have spent years implementing solutions with mobile app backend systems. The team will find all viable alternatives in terms of time-to-market, risks, performance, cost, and security.

wearable app development services

Incode Group has been tracking the wearables market for quite a while and learning all about the technology. We use that know-how and our dedication to provide top-notch wearable app development services.

mobile backend development for apps

Our team provides mobile backend as a service, starting at the basic concept stage and going toward the end, refining with each step. Incode Group is ready to integrate pre-existing system or create new ones from the ground up.

QA testing services

We don’t feel our job is complete until we’ve conducted thorough QA testing services to iron out all the bugs. Our experts run tests both manual and automated and work closely with the devs from the conception of the project until the very end.

Technologies our mobile developers master

Android SDK

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How we work

Having spent more than 3 years in cross-platform app development, we have adopted a work process dictated by efficiency and results. We deliver products on time and without cutting corners, providing full QA testing and support along the way and after release.

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Release and support

As soon as the full version is ready, we intersect it with your own processes and integrate it into the workflow. Meanwhile, consumer-oriented applications are deployed onto app stores. And, once the product is released, we continue our work with post-deployment support and maintenance.


Discovery and business analysis

We begin by closely studying the concept and tweaking it to match the client’s needs. Our data analysts research the viability of certain features in relation to the target base. They set the development milestones and determine which additions have to be implemented for a successful solution.

  • What needs to be mobilized?
  • Could your services be improved with mobile solutions?
  • Are there any products of yours that would do well with a mobile version?


UX and visual design

Our experts consider the customer feedback on similar projects and, taking their expectations into account, create the UX/UI prototypes that fit the data. We do, of course, adjust them to fit your business goals. Afterwards, the Incode Group designers create the concept and wireframes, leaving the testing to our trained team.

  • Icons, fonts, animations, and styling made from scratch
  • Interactive elements as well as B2C vs B2E styling
  • Branding mobile applications


Quality control

Incode Group sets its diligent QA team to keep the quality level high and your products running smoothly. They scour the code for errors and problems, checking each iteration and update thoroughly.

  • Developing guidelines for quality
  • Automated and manual tests for mobile solutions
  • Security reinforcement through penetration testing


Project development

Incode Group uses Agile/Scrum for early prototypes and, afterward, builds upon this foundation with new features implemented for every new version. The testers work with each iteration to see that your mobile solution runs smoothly.

  • Scalable and steady architecture
  • Cloud services
  • Testing and optimization
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • Smart analytics

Why choose Incode Group

  • great experience in mobile development

    Practically every project at Incode Group has featured mobile development in one shape or another. We’ve spent years refining our skills and collaborating with companies, providing them with mobile solutions.

  • full-cycle mobile app development

    Our work isn’t done until the product’s done as the team draws up the concept, creates the UI/UX and graphics, builds prototypes, and turns them into a final integrated product. Incode Group is there with you for every step of the development cycle.

Incode Group mobile development designer tool.
Creating mobile navigation menu workflow process.
  • creative freedom

    Since our team has years of experience, we give them the flexibility to work with the most cutting-edge methods. Even if your project is far from the usual fare, Incode Group trusts its specialists to crack the code.

  • fast ramp-up

    While we’re still negotiating and setting the bigger picture, our devs are already picking the best tools and drawing up concepts as well as assigning future tasks. Once the project is agreed, we begin work immediately.

  • communication matters

    Our project managers will mediate between our busy devs and you to make sure that nothing is lost in the process and that your wishes are heard. This kind of communication is precisely what turns your vision into a software solution.

  • concept and design

    Our team aims to make your application stand out with not only exceptional features but a memorable and convenient interface design. We will spice up your app with colors and win over the customers with a well-rounded product.

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  • quality assurance

    An app is worth little if it’s buggy and prone to crashing so we take our time testing and optimizing everything we make. Our QA team will smooth out any issues and deliver a top-notch result.

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