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Not even the most efficient and cutting-edge app will be picked up by the consumers if its design is eye-searingly bad. Competition is high nowadays and the look of your product is the first step where you can reel in the consumer.

Incode Group’s experts always collaborate with the client to make the app not only pleasant to look at but true to the client’s ideas and philosophy. We have already worked on enterprise mobility, back-office, and customer-facing apps, expanding our field of expertise with each project.
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What we can do for you

Product design

Interface design (UI/UX)

Mobile / responsive design

UX design process

We trust our product to speak for itself, letting the users get a feel for our design and collecting their feedback. That way we find out what needs to be tweaked, added, or removed.

Using the information from our research, we tailor your solution to their needs. We convert raw data into concepts for our team to work on.

We present you our ideas, implementing features and interactivity for a visual prototype. This phase also includes frontend and backend development.



We study your target audience, researching their behaviors and aims to understand what we can do to improve their experience.



Using the information from our research, we tailor your solution to their needs. We convert raw data into concepts for our team to work on.



We present you our ideas, implementing features and interactivity for a visual prototype. This phase also includes frontend and backend development.

Advantages of good UI design

  • Higher customer engagement;
  • As a result, increased revenue;
  • Better return on investment;
  • A more pleasant experience leads to positive feedback;
  • Support and training costs decreased;
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  • Good usability;
  • More engaged customers;
  • High value proposition;
  • Intuitive;
  • Complex UI
  • Lower user adoption;
  • Poor usability.

How we help our clients with user interface



Your customers are complaining about the current UX design being overly complex.

Our team will start by studying your site and the goals you’re trying to accomplish. Then, by comparing that data and the current design, we will see which features need to be tweaked or removed and redesign the UX to be simpler. The analysis also helps understand what the site lacks so that our designers can add it.

You get hits but no purchases due to low transparency and murky route to the checkout.

The Incode Group designers optimize your site’s structure and visual guidelines to steer visitors toward a purchase. Intuitive navigation is key in these conditions so we’ll prioritize it when applying the wireframes. After thorough testing, we’ll roll out a compact and clear new design.

The customers aren’t very appreciative of the current design.

We’ll draw up multiple concept versions and test them with the users to see which one is the most visually appealing choice. That way you can be sure that the target audience isn’t put off by the design and that it steers them towards making a purchase or contacting you.


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UX & UI interface for your industry

fintech (finance & banking)

Making financial transactions easy isn’t a mundane task, especially since the banking system can get pretty complicated. Thus, creating an accessible UI/UX design is the simplest way to make your clients trust you and enjoy the experience with your business.

e-commerce & retail, distribution

UI/UX services are a must for any commercial project as a lot of your profit hinges directly on user engagement. A well-made site with clear interactivity and appealing design will help you grab a potential customer’s attention and standout features will help retain it.

real estate & property

If you want to modernize your site to bring in leads, Incode group will gladly put in interactive features and redesign the project to modernize it and make it more attractive.


Healthcare is a key industry in all countries and yet many apps and sites related to it lag behind the modern times. We bring intuitive and appealing UI/UX to these outdated projects and make them better to ensure that both patients and health industry professionals can easily use them.

travel & hospitality

Travel is all about experiences that you get when visiting new places but travel websites are all about user experience. Intuitive navigation, payment streamlining, and sleek design are key if you want to raise conversion and reach new heights.


Making things simpler and more accessible for both students and teachers alike increases the efficiency of education and learning. That’s why we do our best to create interactive and feature-packed education apps and sites.

Why choose Incode Group?

  • industry knowledge

    The Incode Group team has years of experience creating app and website designs for desktop and mobile platforms. Our experts deliver UX services for any kind of task, ready to take on new challenges at all times.

  • focus on business results

    We aim to boost your business by creating UI/UX that will get user engagement higher than before. The team researches rigorously and undertakes user interface testing to eliminate bugs and make the project as smooth as possible, all to help you reach your goals and increase conversion.

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Continuous UX/UI support and excellent quality.
  • continuous UI/UX support

    Our work is never over as the team provides full post-launch support. And even before that, we work alongside with you to make sure that our creativity is poured into your stream of thought, resulting in a mix of our know-how and your ideas.

  • development excellence

    Our designers and devs are always together and ready to collaborate with your own in-house software devs to use all tools possible. That way you can be sure that the project is done optimally.

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