Project Manager


  • 1+ years as a Project Manager with IT outsourcing is your relevant experience
  • Your strong belief is: Project Management = Successful Delivery
  • You have a deep understanding of project management principles and SDLC
  • You work with Scrum, Kanban and T&M pricing
  • You are experienced in managing budget and costs
  • You have strong risk management skills
  • Practical experience of using project management tools (JIRA, ets.)
  • And of course, you know how to motivate and lead your team to make “satisfied Client — satisfied Team”
  • Advanced English (we work with the US market)

Our benefits:

  • $-based salary + bonuses.
  • All the required PM tools.
  • Communication directly with a client.
  • Comfortable office in the city center.
  • Foosball (table soccer), tennis, PS, electric guitar, VR.
  • Formal employment.
  • Paid gym membership and/or other facilities.
  • Paid sick days and vacations.
  • Required technical literature available on demand.
  • Do you want a cool workshop, seminar or conference — come, talk and trip!


  • Project Management full cycle: from participation in a presale to successful project release/support stage.
  • Management of scope, budgets, timeline of one or several projects.
  • Alignment of the processes according to the methodology used.
  • Project plan creation (milestones,etc.).
  • Impeccable communication with the Clients — managing and meeting their expectations.
  • Providing accurate and timely information, data and reports regarding the project status, activities and performance.
  • Managing risks and opportunities for team deliveries on time and with good quality.
  • Organize the work process and supervise developers.
  • Distribute the flow of tasks, prioritize them.
  • Coordinate and control the implementation timeframe.
  • Monitor the satisfaction of the team, resolve conflict situations.

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